Taco salad

This is a great dish for sharing as it combines all the delicious flavours of a taco (including the crisp shell) but with a ton of speed and is suitable for an SP day! What's not to love? Serves 4-6 ( 4= 2.5, 6= 1.5 ) 250g 5% beef mince, 1 large onion (diced), 1 … Continue reading Taco salad


Coriander lime dressing/dip

Easy, quick and delicious, brilliant on fish, meat and salads. what #diet ?

Burrito bowl

This is more of an idea that you put together rather than a recipe! Either way it's delicious and hits the spot entirely!  Half mug of rice Handful of chopped tomato, onion and coriander 200g extra lean mince 1 tsp garlic granules, smoked paprika, cumin and tomato purée  Handful shredded lettuce  Grated carrot  Mixed bean … Continue reading Burrito bowl


These are some of my most basic seasonings that I love to use for various dishes from chilli or taco style food to Italian dishes and Spanish dishes. I like making my seasonings from scratch so tIat I know what is in them and to know they are syn free for slimming world is a bonus! … Continue reading Seasonings

Nacho Feast

I have been seeing lots of pictures of this 'nacho feast' all over the internet. There is something comforting about chips with cheese, and if we can have chilli cheese fries why not nacho cheese fries? This is super easy, tasty and to me is one of my all new comfort foods and pairs perfectly … Continue reading Nacho Feast