Italian style nutrition soup

This is a delicious soup that is packed full of nutrients and flavour to help get you through the day!


Hollandaise (almost)

I am having this tomorrow over salmon, baby spinach and poached eggs on toast for breakfast as we have smoked salmon left over from Christmas. Obviously it’s not like a normal hollandaise that has a heck of a lot of butter. 1 egg yolk 100ml fat-free yoghurt 1 tsp mustard pinch salt and pepper 1 […]

Gifts: Cake mix

This recipe is an easy take on the classic mug cakes that everyone likes making. No butter or egg is needed. When you give this gift, make sure that you leave a note for the user to mix 4 tablespoons of mix with 2 tablespoons of water and microwave for 1 minute, the cake will […]

Swedish meatballs (AND GRAVY)

Maybe not quite so traditional as this is slimming world friendly  after all, but this is delicious, easy, family friendly and relatively low in syn! If you can’t find lingonberry jam for the gravy the best alternative is cranberry sauce or a smooth plum jam. (double check your syns for the jam) serves 4-6 at […]

Smoked salmon dip

This is brilliant for a buffet at Christmas with veggie dips or in a jacket potato and salad. This makes a big bowl and keeps in the fridge for a good 4-5 days. 120g smoked salmon trimmings 1 small clove garlic 2 tbsp each parsley, dill and chives. 1 small pot quark and 0% fat […]

My Chinese Basics

One of my great food loves by far is recreating Chinese dishes at home so I thought I would share with you a small handful of Chinese basic ingredients and methods I always have on hand at home to whip up a quick meal from well. any kind of scrap you find in your fridge […]


Something to snack on. In all honestly i hate tinned chickpeas but i love home made houmous, you can add your own twists such as roasted red pepper, basil, lime instead of lemon, it all works!! So good with carrot sticks and my sisters favourite way? with grapes! you heard me! Enjoy! 1 can chickpeas […]