BBQ pulled pork

I basically used the same recipe that nick and I used for his BBQ bake but a few tweaks! smoky, juicy, a thick BBQ style gravy, what’s not to like? Piled on rice with a side of salad and you can’t go wrong! 1kg piece of pork shoulder (as much visible fat that you can […]

Swedish meatballs (AND GRAVY)

Maybe not quite so traditional as this is slimming world friendly  after all, but this is delicious, easy, family friendly and relatively low in syn! If you can’t find lingonberry jam for the gravy the best alternative is cranberry sauce or a smooth plum jam. (double check your syns for the jam) serves 4-6 at […]

Vietnamese stew

Comforting, aromatic and hearty, perfect for the winter months, on its own sprinkled with lime juice, coriander and spring onion or with rice. 700g beef or pork (lean, visible fat removed) 1 large potato (medium chunks) 3 large carrots (medium chunks) 2 large onions (finely sliced) 1tbsp each soy sauce, ginger, garlic, fish sauce and […]

Nicks BBQ Bake

So this one has an unusual name as i worked on a recipe with my boyfriend whilst staying at his and it honestly works really well with pork, beef and even chicken breast. the pork and beef fall apart but are slow cook but the chicken is a quick cook but is truly just as […]