meal prep 101: Chicken pesto pasta salad

This pesto pasta salad is easy to make, delicious and low in syn. what could be better for meal prep?


Ham, pea and blue cheese pasta

I haven’t been feeling all that good so, I have been giving into my cravings, this is based on an old recipe from an Italian recipe book and it really hits the spot! 25g blue cheese of your choice (mine came out as 4 syns but double check your syns as brands will vary) 1 […]

BLT pasta salad 

I love this recipe, it’s fresh and full of flavour, the crispy salty bacon goes beautiful with the pasta and bruschetta style dressing! Serves 1  70g pasta 2 bacon medallions (finely slice) 2 large tomatoes (diced) 1/2 small red onion (finely diced)  1/2 romaine lettuce (rough chopped)  1 tbsp balsamic  2 tbsp finely chopped basil  […]

Vegan pasta salad

Not quite a pasta salad but I have a few friends that are vegan and really you can’t get much easier than this recipe, it’s Light and summery, I love it with broccoli as it goes so well with the garlic and lemon in the sauce!  2-4 servings 1 tbsp olive oil* Zest and juice […]

Tuna pasta salad

Tangy, slightly sweet and easy to make. 250g pasta  1 large carrot grated 1 large red pepper finely chopped 1 stick celery finely chopped 2 tbsp each dill, parsley and chives finely chopped 2 tbsp extra light mayo  4 tbsp finely chopped gherkins and 1 tbsp of the juice 1 tin of grained tuna 1. […]

Chicken and bacon pasta salad 

I have had a lot of fuss over this picture I posted from friends and complete strangers, I’m planning to do a recipe video but I thought I’d share the recipe now! Creamy ranch style dressing with soft chicken and crispy bacon, what dreams are made of! 4smoked bacon rashers (finely diced and fried till […]