Hawaiian Chicken burger

I watch a lot of travel videos on youtube. mainly because I would one day like to travel and maybe make some videos but also because I’m interested in food around the world.  I saw a few videos from Hawaii including some burgers with grilled chicken, a lightly charred piece of pineapple and salty bacon and let […]

Chicken in a bag

Sometimes we all need a bit of meal prep to help us on our journey. This is a great way to have syn free chicken on standby in the freezer or fridge. The idea of marinating is not only to give your meat an amazing flavour but also to help tenderise your meat. you could […]

Slow cooker: sweet chilli chicken and rice

Have I mentioned that I love my slow cooker and slow cooker liners? This may seem odd doing everything in one pot but it works a treat! serves 6 people (I have a large family but this does well for lunch the next day – 1 syn each) 4 large chicken breasts cut into bitesize […]

Carne Asada

Take your steak to a whole new level with a beautiful mexican twist, totally delicious and clean eating friendly!