chicken bourguignon

This delicious #onepot is a twist on the classic beef bourguignon where you can control the #syns but keep all of the flavour.


one pot: leftover winter carbonara

Italian purists would be screaming at me right now but what are ya gonna do? The family are hungry and after christmas, they are fed up with eating cold turkey. feel free to leave out the butter to keep it lower in syns but I really feel that the leek and mushrooms benefit from the […]

Leftover turkey asian wraps

Spice up your christmas leftovers with these delicious turkey wraps.

Singapore noodles

Quick, easy, syn free and good for leftovers requested by Ann, Thank you Ann!

Lasagna cups

These are delicious, quick and #lowsyn and so easy to make bulk and keep in the freezer ready to microwave or defrost for your lunch or dinner!

Ham, pea and blue cheese pasta

I haven’t been feeling all that good so, I have been giving into my cravings, this is based on an old recipe from an Italian recipe book and it really hits the spot! 25g blue cheese of your choice (mine came out as 4 syns but double check your syns as brands will vary) 1 […]

Smoked salmon pasta

After Christmas we usually get left with a lot of food including packages of salmon and believe it or not it is usually fine after it’s use by date as obviously the smoking preserves the fish, just use your senses! Serves 4 generously at 1 syn per portion! 300g spaghetti or pasta 4 tablespoons single […]

Hollandaise (almost)

I am having this tomorrow over salmon, baby spinach and poached eggs on toast for breakfast as we have smoked salmon left over from Christmas. Obviously it’s not like a normal hollandaise that has a heck of a lot of butter. 1 egg yolk 100ml fat-free yoghurt 1 tsp mustard pinch salt and pepper 1 […]

Thai noodle salad

Leftover chicken, turkey or even freshly grilled steak or prawns this zesty salad hits the spot every time and is something different to your typical turkey curry!! 200g rice noodles (soaked) 3 large spring onions (shredded) 1 large shredded carrot ( grate, shredded or peeled works) 1/4 cucumber (deseeded and sliced) 100g green beans (cut […]