Top tips for newcomers

Just some of the things that could be handy when you first start #slimmingworld please feel free to add your own!


Italian style nutrition soup

This is a delicious soup that is packed full of nutrients and flavour to help get you through the day!

Perfect boiled eggs (instant pot)

I don't know what happens when you cook eggs in an electric pressure cooker (such as the instant pot) but it makes them ridiculously easy to peel! We have farm fresh eggs so there is no air between the shell and egg itself so when we usually boil our eggs and peel them we lose … Continue reading Perfect boiled eggs (instant pot)

SP Soup

This is vegetarian and vegan friendly this my own version of a syn free SP soup as I don't like the one that is circling the internet! This has almost a minestrone feel to it and it's beautifully thick and rich!! 2 large carrots, garlic cloves and onions  2 bell peppers of your choice 1 … Continue reading SP Soup

Coq au vin

A simple and delicious low syn meal that is easy to prepare, it can cook in one pan for 30 minutes, in your instant pot for 15 minutes or in your slow cooker all day to let your flavours mingle! Let's get started, shall we? serves 4-6 *1 syn when served to 6 8 chicken … Continue reading Coq au vin

Instant pot duo-60 unboxing/first impression

So i have an instant pot! I messaged the company because i have had several people ask about the instant pot and for recipes etc! The link to the video is underneath! Instant pot unboxing I can honestly say that I was really sceptical as I've never used any kind of pressure cooker and I did … Continue reading Instant pot duo-60 unboxing/first impression

Chorizo fish stew

This is full of flavour yet light and delicious and if you're doing an sp day rather than serving with pasta is beautiful with some cannelloni or haricot beans stirred through! Please check syn values if these items* Serves 1 1 white fish fillet 30g chorizo* 1 tsp smoked paprika and garlic granules 1 big … Continue reading Chorizo fish stew