Best turkey gravy ever

Christmas is close by and here I have the best gravy you can make ahead of the dinner around the time you put the turkey in the oven! Please check syns for anything marked with an asterisk as brands will vary 1 tbsp butter* 1 tbsp flour* stock (which we will make with the neck you […]

Breakfast sausage burgers

We all like to indulge sometimes, my indulgence was always a McDonald’s breakfast! I’m going to show you how to make my McDonald’s copycat breakfast patties! I usually have it in a wholemeal muffin or roll with egg and mushrooms or in place of Sausages in a full English as its syn free! 500g 5% […]

Indian burger

Warming flavours of the (hopefully) Indian summer in a single handheld beautiful parcel of goodness and low in syn! If we don’t have an Indian summer the good news is these flavours mingle well into the autumnal weather too!

Honey mustard sausage bites

Deliciously savoury and sweet and moreish that will keep everyone coming back for more!

Vegan french (style) onion soup

This is a deliciously comforting soup, I will be uploading my more traditional version but for all my vegetarian and vegan followers this one’s for you! Don’t knock it till you try it!

Cinnamon rolls

I was pestered this morning to make my cinnamon buns/rolls by not only my boyfriend but my sister and man do they smell and taste good!! Makes 16 good sized buns 500g plain Flour 7 g dry active yeast 60g caster sugar (and another 300g light brown sugar or golden caster) 250ml warm milk or […]

Chorizo style one pot pasta

Sometimes I like to eat something that feels meaty but doesn’t have a lot of meat, this is one of those meals, if you’re vegan/vegetarian just leave out the chorizo it is still just as beautiful! 1/2 red pepper (finely diced) 1 small red onion (finely diced) 1 tsp smoked paprika and garlic granules 3 […]

BBQ pulled pork

I basically used the same recipe that nick and I used for his BBQ bake but a few tweaks! smoky, juicy, a thick BBQ style gravy, what’s not to like? Piled on rice with a side of salad and you can’t go wrong! 1kg piece of pork shoulder (as much visible fat that you can […]

Perfect rice 

Having the most perfect fluffy Rice always seemed difficult because I didn’t realise how easy it could be. When you’ve mastered fluffy rice when it’s cooled you can make various salads and fried rice dishes Basically not a recipe but here you go – 1 part basmati rice to 1.5 part water!  My recipe I […]

BBQ Sauce

This sauce will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks in a jar or clean squirty bottle. Tangy, sweet, yet savoury. 1 white onion, finely diced, 1 large clove garlic, grated, 500g passata, 1 tbsp sweet smoked paprika, and Worcestershire sauce, 1 heaped tsp mustard powder, salt and black pepper, sweetener to taste. […]