Chicken in a bag

Sometimes we all need a bit of meal prep to help us on our journey. This is a great way to have syn free chicken on standby in the freezer or fridge. The idea of marinating is not only to give your meat an amazing flavour but also to help tenderise your meat. you could […]

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Cinnamon rolls

I was pestered this morning to make my cinnamon buns/rolls by not only my boyfriend but my sister and man do they smell and taste good!! Makes 16 good sized buns 500g plain Flour 7 g dry active yeast 60g caster sugar (and another 300g light brown sugar or golden caster) 250ml warm milk or […]

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Crispy shredded chicken

Think of your shredded duck but, chicken style!! Beautifully Aromatic with a slight caramelly (yes that’s a word in my vocabulary) soy sauce glaze. Serves 4-6 (around 7 syns total so divide between number of people) 8 chicken thighs (skinned and baked in a foil pack for 40 minutes before being left to cool completely) […]

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Thai massaman curry 

This is the most beautifully elegant curry you will ever try in your life!  This may seem a bit daunting but I cracked this first time! Making the paste from scratch is slightly terrifying but so worth it! I had never had massaman until Nick took me to a lovely Thai restaurant and we decided […]

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Pilau rice 

Sometimes we like something a little more flavourful than a plain rice. This is still a syn free beautifully fragranced fluffy rice. Serves 4 1 mug rice (2 mugs boiling water) 1/2 tsp turmeric, Garam masala 2 crushed cardamom pods 1 small cinnamon stick 1 large star anise 1. Add the rice, water, turmeric, Garam […]

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This dish is brilliant for leftover meat or even leftover veggies, or even using smoked fish like a kedgeree! I am sharing this recipe as with Christmas coming up we have leftover turkey which works perfectly with this dish! Christmas or not, this dish is delicious! (serves 4-6 syn free) 1 large onion (finely diced) 1 […]

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