SP friendly baked beans

So, slimming World took beans off of the P list at the beginning of the year and sometimes you just want some kind of comforting baked beans. Not only do these homemade baked beans only take 10 -15 minutes to make, if you make a larger batch they will last in the fridge for up […]

Cajun ‘Chicken’ Carbonara

This comforting, creamy dish for one packs a lot of flavour for a dish cooked in less than 20 minutes.

Ultimate chilli

The basis of this chilli is that if you’re vegetarian use quorn if you’re meat eaters use low fat mince if you aren’t following slimming world use full fat mince! As long as you have these spices you can make a beautiful full flavoured chilli! 500g mince (quorn, 5%, turkey, full fat etc) 2 huge […]

Tuscan style pasta

I got challenged by a lady in my slimming world group to make a slimming world version of the buzz feed recipe of the Tuscan chicken pasta. This is my version but is just as delicious! Serves 2 at 2 syns each unless you use the Parmesan for part of your HEA 200g spaghetti 1 […]

Updates and exciting news!

Hey guys, this is just an update post to update you all on a few things! So although i have been on plan I have slightly plateaued over the past 3 weeks as i have had my 21st, mums birthday, my little sisters birthday, days out.. you get the idea! The thing is I realised […]

Chocolate chip cookies

It’s a bit obvious this is not a slim friendly recipe! These taste just like a famous brand and you can put whatever the heck you want in them! Sometimes we just need a treat! 300g plain flour 1/2 tsp baking powder and bicarb 125g unsalted butter (soft) 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla extract 100g […]

My Chinese Basics

One of my great food loves by far is recreating Chinese dishes at home so I thought I would share with you a small handful of Chinese basic ingredients and methods I always have on hand at home to whip up a quick meal from well. any kind of scrap you find in your fridge […]