SP friendly baked beans

So, slimming World took beans off of the P list at the beginning of the year and sometimes you just want some kind of comforting baked beans. Not only do these homemade baked beans only take 10 -15 minutes to make, if you make a larger batch they will last in the fridge for up […]

BLT pasta salad 

I love this recipe, it’s fresh and full of flavour, the crispy salty bacon goes beautiful with the pasta and bruschetta style dressing! Serves 1  70g pasta 2 bacon medallions (finely slice) 2 large tomatoes (diced) 1/2 small red onion (finely diced)  1/2 romaine lettuce (rough chopped)  1 tbsp balsamic  2 tbsp finely chopped basil  […]

Creamy garlic mushrooms

Vegetarian-friendly, creamy, comforting and low in syn, perfect for a starter on toast or tossed through spaghetti with a side salad. Serves 1 at 2 syns 1 tbsp each elmlea single cream and grated Parmesan, 150g chestnut (sliced and if you can get them chanterelle or oyster mushrooms) 1 small clove garlic, parsley, salt and […]