uni essentials: baked beans

You must be thinking I am crazy making a post about baked beans. They are the ultimate student food! cheap, full of protein and good vitamins but sometimes normal beans are a little boring especially if its all you have to live off of! I am here to make those boring beans delicious and easy […]

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Mexican Chicken Stew

This delicious #slowcooker or #onepot meal is delicious and totally hits the spot, especially now its colder! #synfree

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Mexican chicken soup

This fragrant, mexican style soup will keep you fuller for longer with a huge grin on your face knowing that you’re doing your body the world of good with a soup packed full of vitamin C and body healing spices and herbs.

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Enchilada casserole

Sounds odd right? It’s everything we love in an enchilada the tangy tomato sauce, peppers, onions and chicken and gooey melted cheese mixed in an easy baked rice dish that is utterly delicious with salad or on its own! Serves 4-6 1 cup of basmati rice (follow my perfect rice recipe to cook until fluffy) […]

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Chorizo fish stew

This is full of flavour yet light and delicious and if you’re doing an sp day rather than serving with pasta is beautiful with some cannelloni or haricot beans stirred through! Please check syn values if these items* Serves 1 1 white fish fillet 30g chorizo* 1 tsp smoked paprika and garlic granules 1 big […]

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