‘Food For All The Family’

I can’t believe it. With all the support from my lovely followers over on Facebook and of course my lovely followers here on WordPress, I have written my very first book after several requests! Food for all the family is delicious family-friendly slimming world and diet friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy! No […]

Pesto – fat bomb

This may not have the typical extremely high-fat content that fat bombs do, but this recipe is more flexible, you can use it on salads and meats, fish or veggies, it is a fat bomb you can incorporate into your food rather than just eating it! 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp ground almonds 100g […]

Cinnamon rolls

I was pestered this morning to make my cinnamon buns/rolls by not only my boyfriend but my sister and man do they smell and taste good!! Makes 16 good sized buns 500g plain Flour 7 g dry active yeast 60g caster sugar (and another 300g light brown sugar or golden caster) 250ml warm milk or […]

Instant pot duo-60 unboxing/first impression

So i have an instant pot! I messaged the company because i have had several people ask about the instant pot and for recipes etc! The link to the video is underneath! Instant pot unboxing I can honestly say that I was really sceptical as I’ve never used any kind of pressure cooker and I did […]

Ultimate chilli

The basis of this chilli is that if you’re vegetarian use quorn if you’re meat eaters use low fat mince if you aren’t following slimming world use full fat mince! As long as you have these spices you can make a beautiful full flavoured chilli! 500g mince (quorn, 5%, turkey, full fat etc) 2 huge […]

Thai massaman curry 

This is the most beautifully elegant curry you will ever try in your life!  This may seem a bit daunting but I cracked this first time! Making the paste from scratch is slightly terrifying but so worth it! I had never had massaman until Nick took me to a lovely Thai restaurant and we decided […]

Blogger recognition award

    I never thought in a million years I would be nominated for something like this! I have just had a notification from one of my dedicated followers to tell me that they have nominated me for the blogger recognition award! And honestly i wouldn’t be here posting my recipes and journey without any […]

Peking duck

At this time of year there is always whole ducks available. It is just the task of cooking the duck that everyone panics about as well, how often do you cook a whole duck?! This is my fool proof recipe. 1 whole defrosted duck Cucumber and Spring Onion  Pancakes (you can buy these in most […]

Gifts: Cookie mix

Yes! Another mix that’s ready to use whether it is to give as a gift or to have on hand n the cupboard as a last minute dessert! Delicious hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Per each mix you will need 4 tbsp of butter and 1 egg, don’t forget to write down the […]

Gifts: Cake mix

This recipe is an easy take on the classic mug cakes that everyone likes making. No butter or egg is needed. When you give this gift, make sure that you leave a note for the user to mix 4 tablespoons of mix with 2 tablespoons of water and microwave for 1 minute, the cake will […]