Garlic primavera carbonara

As promised yesterday here is my garliccy veggie and smoked bacon carbonara. The added nutrition values are for my other diabetics, (pcos) cysters and anyone interested in something that feels entirely naughty.

75g wholemeal pasta

100g courgette (scrape the seeds out and cut into small cubes)

50g chestnut mushrooms (sliced)

Half tsp of olive oil (1 syn or check our brand on sw app)

2 smoked bacon medallions (cut into small pieces)

1 clove garlic thinly sliced

2 egg yolks

25g finely grated parmesan (healthy extra or syn according to brand)

Salt and pepper to taste

1. Bringa pan of water to the boil add a generous pinch of salt.

2. Meanwhile add the olive oil and garlic to a frying pan and bring up to heat.

3. Add your pasta to the boiling water and your courgette to the frying pan and leave it to sit for at least a minute to let it caramelise.

4. Add your mushrooms to the pan along with a pinch of salt and pepper and stir fry until the mushrooms start to colour.

5. Meanwhile whisk the egg yolks and parmesan together and set aside.

6. By now your pasta should be cooked (should take 8-9 minutes depending on your brand, always use the lower time on the packet i.e. 7-10 minutes use 7). Use a spotted spoon to move the pasta to the frying pan.

7. Turn off the heat and coat the pasta in the bacon and veggie goodness.

8. Add some of the pasta water to your egg mixture and whisk before pouring into the frying pan.

9. Stir onstantly, the heat from the frying pan will cook the egg yolk making a thick creamy suace. Add some of the pasta water if needed to let it down.

It may seem like there are a lot of steps to this recipe but it comes together really quickly and really prep is key. Below is the rough workings out of calouries, protein, carbs etc. As a type 2 diabetic (although I am in remission numbers) we are recommended to have no more than 150g total carbs for the day, so although this goes a little above a third, it is a real treat and worth it.

Some days I have the full 150g, others I have no more than 50g. It totally depends on my body and the day, but everyone is different and manages their PCOS and diabetes differently right?

Of course this makes a decent portion but if you wanted to halve the carbs you could serve this with some chicken breast and salad and split the pasta between two people.

Love Emily, Chef who slims x


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I share my love and passion for food with slimming world and weight watchers recipes that I hope everyone will love.

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