University life: the essentials

I’m starting a new series of posts called the uni life, the essentials. Aimed at uni students to encourage them to make quick, cheap and healthy meals.

As many of you know next week I move into my university accommodation and I am pretty nervous. Thanks to the fresher’s facebook page I have already made friends with many of the people in my block so it won’t be as awkward when we get there.

Being recently diagnosed with diabetes, which I am trying to control with the diet I will be sharing healthy, hearty food some of which will be diabetic friendly and others just slimming world friendly.

Onto my uni essentials:

  • eggs (cheap, quick to cook and tasty)
  • Parmesan, used as a seasoning and make a cracking quick carbonara.
  • bacon. (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, bacon can be used for anything)
  • bread, try and opt for wholemeal for more fibre and more health benefits (i freeze bread as I wouldn’t get through a whole loaf on my own).
  • pasta – go for basic brands, I get wholemeal or buckwheat pasta for my benefit but basic spaghetti is 20p and basic pasta is on average 30p which will make 5-6 good servings.
  • frozen chicken and mince. For convenience, you don’t have to worry about use by dates if you get an unexpected invite out to dinner or for drinks.
  • only buy what you will use. I buy frozen broccoli because I use it. for convenience and again use buy dates I would buy frozen onions too.
  • Snacks: try and opt for healthy snacks. many universities have local markets so many students will share fruit bowls etc.
  • I always always have oats, spices, rice and wholemeal wraps on hand too.

I don’t drink alcohol and most of the time I only drink water but I will be taking some zero coke. I know a lot of students forget mixers so don’t be one of those people!

Love Emily, the chef who slims x


Published by The chef who slims

I share my love and passion for food with slimming world and weight watchers recipes that I hope everyone will love.

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