Mcchicken sandwich

My guilty pleasure when I was younger was a McChicken sandwich. Sometimes I still get those cravings so I thought I would share my low syn version with you all! (if you can’t find chicken mince you can either finely chop chicken breasts or pulse them in a food processor OR even easier use turkey mince )

Serves 1 (syns may vary depending on brand so I will put my guidelines – if using bun as HEB = 2.5 syns)

150g 5% (or less) chicken mince,

pinch garlic powder,

1 tbsp lighter than light mayo,

pinch of mustard powder, salt and pepper,

bun of your choice ( I usually use my HEB),

12g golden breadcrumbs (I use Supervalu – if you cant find these use 12 g of salted tortilla crisps crushed as fine as you can but this makes the total syns 4 depending on brand),

1 tsp cornflour and a pinch of baking powder,

Shredded iceberg lettuce.

  1. Lay the breadcrumbs onto a plate.
  2. Mix the chicken mince with the baking powder, cornflour, garlic powder, salt and pepper until it becomes a paste.
  3. Wet your hands and shape into a burger.
  4. Place the chicken burger onto the breadcrumbs and flip, gently patting the breadcrumbs into the burger.
  5. Heat a pan over a high heat and spray generously with low cal spray before placing the burger into the pan, reducing the heat to medium/low and leaving for 3-5 minutes before flipping and cooking for a further 3-5 minutes.
  6. While the burger is cooking mix the mayo with the mustard powder and a small pinch of salt and pepper before spreading onto both sides of the bun and placing some shredded lettuce on the bottom, topping with the cooked burger and the bun.

This really hits the spot when you are craving everything naughty!

(in the image I didn’t use my bun as already had HEB)

Love Emily, chef who slims x


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