Breakfast frittata

If you make a huge all-day breakfast omelette like this not only is it great for leftovers or in lunchboxes it means you have breakfast on hand and ready to go whenever you need it. (lasts in the fridge up to 4 days)

6 large (preferably free range)

4 slimming world sausages or any preferred sausages

2 small potatoes (stab all over and stab for 5 minutes then cut into cubes)

140g chestnut mushrooms (in quarters)

4 smoked bacon medallions

6 cherry tomatoes quartered

handful baby spinach

salt and pepper

  1. Whisk your eggs really well with a generous pinch of salt and pepper.
  2. Start frying the potato chunks until it starts to crisp then add your mushrooms.
  3. Using scissors cut the sausages and bacon into pieces into the frying pan.
  4. stir-fry for a few minutes then add your spinach and let wilt.
  5. Pour in your eggs, sprinkle over the tomatoes and cover with a lid and let sit on low until cooked through.

we usually serve ours with beans or salad and a sprinkle of cheese from our HEA depending on what takes our fancy.

6 slices = 239 calories per slice (with nothing else)

8 slices = 180 calories per slice (with nothing else)

Love Emily, Chef who slims x


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