Christmas punch (child friendly)

This punch can’t be simpler to make. Okay, it has syns in but what doesn’t at Christmas time?

Around 1.5 syns per serving serves 16 (250ml)

2 litres cranberry and raspberry juice

2 litres orange juice

2 litres sparkling water or sugar-free lemonade (if you are making this for adults use sparkling wine or prosecco instead!)

Sliced oranges, frozen (i usually use 2)

1 bag frozen cranberries

  1. stir the orange juice and cranberry-raspberry juice in a bowl.
  2. Just before serving stir in the frozen orange and cranberries.
  3. To serve: fill half the cup with the juice mix then top with the sparkling water/prosecco.

Simple, easy and low syn especially when made with sugar-free drinks or sparkling water. You could drink it straight but I like a little fizz. Just adust your syns accordingly!

Love Emily x


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