Best turkey gravy ever

Christmas is close by and here I have the best gravy you can make ahead of the dinner around the time you put the turkey in the oven!

Please check syns for anything marked with an asterisk as brands will vary

1 tbsp butter*

1 tbsp flour*

stock (which we will make with the neck you get in your turkey)

  1. In your turkey you get the turkey neck put that in a pot with salt, pepper and water and bring to the boil.
  2. When you check on your turkey take some of the juices and put into the freezer until the fat freezes.
  3. Skim the fat from the turkey juices and add to your turkey stock.
  4. add the butter to a pot with the flour and cook out for a few minutes (this is the roux).
  5. Add the stock a bit at a time to the roux making sure to stir until there are no lumps (don’t worry if it thickens up for the first few times, that’s what we want).
  6. Keep adding stock and stirring until you are happy with the consistency.
  7. Add to a jug and set aside to microwave when you are ready to serve!

You could make this in advance with chicken bones if you don’t want to make gravy on the day but what is a turkey dinner without turkey gravy!

Love Emily x


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