The perfect Jacket potato

It may seem simple, but apparently, people can’t make a jacket potato?! I have seen them advertised.. frozen jacket potatoes? Am I the only one who thinks that is absurd? How about I show you all an easy way to cook jacket potatoes, and if you wanted, you could batch cook them to freeze yourself?

you will need an extensive list of ingredients here..

*clears throat sarcastically*

As many potatoes, as you want! Any size or shape that you want (no they don’t have to be the perfect ones you buy in bags of four!) For a jacket you usually want one around the size of your fist.

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200C.
  2. Prick your potatoes all over so they don’t explode.
  3. Microwave your potatoes, size will vary. A good guesstimate is 5 minutes per potato or if you have more than one potato in the microwave 8 minutes per potato, you want to flip them over halfway through though. ( you want to be able to stick a knife easily into them but they don’t have to be cooked all the way through)
  4. Put the potatoes on a tray in the oven until they have crispy skin (takes about 10-15 minutes)

If you want to freeze your potatoes, I suggest cutting them open slightly. Leave them until they are cool to touch, put into a freezer/sandwich bag and you are good to store these for 8 months.

When you want your potato, put it on a plate from frozen and microwave for 5 minutes, to test, put a knife in and gently touch it against your lip, if it is hot then you are good to go, if it’s like the Arctic then you obviously need to blast for a little longer (i usually do 2 extra minutes). I suggest freezing smaller jackets as they take less time to heat and you can fit them into heatproof tupperware for work!

If your potato is defrosted, for example, you put it in a pot with some beans in the morning to take to work or in a pot on its own with tuna in a separate pot then you should be ok for blasting for 3 minutes.

Love Emily x




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