Fluffy Quinoa

Quinoa is a whole grain that is extremely good for you and makes a great base to salads, veggie burgers and is naturally high in protein so can be a great alternative to meat!

Here are two ways for you to cook quinoa perfectly. One with an instant pot and one on the stove in a pan!

The first tip for cooking quinoa is a 1:2 ratio of quinoa to water. I usually use a cup or a mug, for every half cup (will make 2 portions) you want a whole cup of liquid or for every 1 cup of quinoa you would want 2 cups of liquid. You can always use stock and add herbs and spices as you cook your quinoa.

Stove top

  1. Rinse your quinoa before washing (not all brands require you to do so but I think that’s best!)
  2. Add your rinsed quinoa to the pot with your liquid and any flavourings including stock.
  3. Bring the pot to a  boil and when the liquid is almost absorbed, turn off the heat and cover with a lid.
  4. Leave for 10 minutes, fluff with a fork and recover with the lid for 5 minutes.

Instant Pot

  1. Rinse your quinoa and add to the instant pot with your liquid and flavourings.
  2. Put on the rice setting or on a low-pressure setting for 12 minutes.
  3. Quick release, fluff with a fork and leave for a couple of minutes before using in your chosen recipe or serving.

Love Emily x


Published by The chef who slims

I share my love and passion for food with slimming world and weight watchers recipes that I hope everyone will love.

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