Clean eating

So, after much deliberation and a talk with my doctor it turns out although ketosis works for many people, it doesn’t entirely suit my body, I should mention that I had pancreatitis when I was younger and the fats in the diet although healthy as they just didn’t agree with me!

Clean eating is when you eat something that is in its natural state or as close to its natural state as possible. No processed meats, good fats (in moderation), whole grains and plenty of low G.I fruit and vegetables as well as beans, lentils, wholegrain rice, sweet potato, new potatoes (or fresh potatoes), soba noodles, brown rice noodles, mung bean noodles, whole wheat/grain spaghetti, quinoa, bulgar wheat.

The list goes on but the idea is you want to be eating natural, preferably organic foodsI’md this is where i’m at now!

I’ve been eating like this for a couple of days along with my amazing powder and I feel better than I did on the keto diet!

There is plenty of information out there but I feel happier now I’m not eating processed foods like sausages or lots of bacon! I am not counting anything other than weighing general portions of carbs as I don’t want to go crazy!

I’m looking forward to eating balanced meals and sharing them all with you!

Love Emily xxx


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