Ketogenic Diet 7 day meal plan!

59334578591587c3e0d280124a7c8e94YES! I have made a seven-day meal plan! but first of all, let me tell you why!

I started my ketogenic journey after a friend started selling a product. The unicorn powder! in a 5 day trial, I lost 4 inches of fat off my back and 2 inches from my belly! Not only that but my pain and inflammation has dramatically reduced.

The main reason I decided to join the company was that of how much it affected my PCOS. I’m no longer bloated, feel sick or have migraines. I haven’t had any of that and i have had a normal time with mother nature!! This is very rare for me! This diet has been proven to help in certain cases of PCOS, M.S, Epilepsy and more.


If you want more information to feel free to comment and message me! The 7-day diet plan will come free when someone orders from me! I am currently working on a 30-day plan and vegetarian-friendly keto meal plan. I must mention you don’t need to follow a meal plan when you take my amazing product but will boost your weight loss and improve your life!

instagram:  chef who slims.

Love Emily x


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