Cajun seasoning

As BBQ season is coming up I thought I’d share my homemade seasonings with oi all, starting with this little beauty! Delicious on everything from tofu, vegetables and fish to chicken or beef! There’s no going wrong with this recipe and you can add more or less chilli to your taste. The best thing about it? It will keep in an air tight container in a shelf for a good 6 months!

2 tbsp garlic granules and paprika (I sometimes do half and half plain and smoked paprika! Really helps give that chargrilled feel)

1 tbsp each of dried oregano, thyme, black pepper

1 tsp each cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes.

It’s as simple as measuring these ingredients, adding them to the container that you’re going to store it in and shake well! I don’t add salt to my recipe as depending what recipe I’m using this in I like adjusting the salt to my liking which you can’t always do if you use a salted seasoning!

Remember this is just the foundation, if you don’t like cayenne don’t add it, if you like more smokiness use all smoked paprika, it really is your personal preference.

This is as simple as sprinkling over the meat you want it on, massaging it on and leaving for 5-10 minutes, so brilliant for last minute dinners!

Love Emily x


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