Fish finger sandwich

This sounds like a kiddies meal but I promise you this is a low syn meal with a punch of fresh flavours that bring life to any party and a new meaning to finger food!

1 fillet white fish cut in half (mainly to fit the roll)

1 tbsp cornflour (1 syn)

Lemon zest

Fresh mint and parsley

Mug of frozen peas thawed

1 x 60g wholemeal roll

Tartare sauce (recipe coming up)

Salt and pepper

1. Pat the pieces of fish dry with paper towel and sprinkle the lemon zest, salt, pepper and cornflour over each side of the fish.

2. Blend half the peas with some mint, parsley, a sprinkle of salt and pepper until smooth. Add the rest of the peas and pulse until some are crushed. Then add to a pan over low heat or microwave until hot.

3. Meanwhile,  Fry the fish in a dry pan till crisp all over (high heat for about 8 minutes in total).

4. Spread some of the mushy peas on part of the roll and some tartare sauce on the other part then place the fish in between the roll.

Add a squeeze of lemon to add some freshness.

Love Emily x


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