Wasabi miso ramen

I shared this on Facebook the other day and someone asked for the recipe so here we go! This recipe works well with all meats and fish or even tofu! Just add the meat to the broth while simmering.

1 slice ginger

1 clove garlic smashed

1 tbsp miso paste(check syns here)

1 TSP wasabi(and here)

400ml water

Shredded veggies of your choice I used sauteed mushrooms with shredded carrots.

100g meat of your choice 

1/2 TSP sesame oil(check syns here)

Shredded spring onion and coriander to garnish (they really add something to the dish)

1 portion of noodles (I used spaghetti, you can find ramen in super markets any will do really)

1. Add the sesame oil to a soup pot and on a low heat add the garlic and ginger until you can smell them.

2. Add the soy sauce and whisk in the wasabi and water until the wasabi breaks up.

3. Bring to a simmer for 10 minutes then remove the ginger and garlic and boil your noodles to packet instruction.(I like boiling them in the broth to help it thicken a little)

4. Turn the heat to minimum and stir in your miso paste.

5. Transfer to a bowl and lay in your toppings and a sprinkle of black pepper.

This meal really takes no time to make and is so easy to double. I hope you give it a go!

Love Emily x


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