Vegan french (style) onion soup

Comforting, immune boosting, metabolism boosting and so easy to make. You can’t go wrong with this vegan version of a french classic!

2 white onions finely sliced

1 twig of thyme or pinch of dried thyme

1 TSP cornflour (0.5 syn but check your brand)

350ml veggie stock

1/2 TSP marmite

A splash soy sauce

Salt and pepper

1. Fry the onions over a very low heat with a lid on stirring every so often to soften them slowly. This bit is crucial to bringing out the sweet flavours of the onions!

2. Meanwhile dissolve the marmite into your stock and then stir in your cornflour.

3. Add your thyme to your onions and cook with the lid off stirring every so often until you can smell the thyme.

4. Add your stock and turn the heat to medium while stirring.

5. The stick should thicken a little , taste and season with salt and pepper and you’re done!

Serve sprinkled with vegan cheese (you can get this in most supermarkets now) and some fresh parsley!

Love Emily x


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