The best burgers

When making the best burgers in the world there is only 1 rule and that is to use what you like!

Makes 6-8 burgers depending how thin you like them!

500g 5% fat mince of your choice

1 tsp bicarbonate

4 tbsp water

Generous pinch salt and pepper

Any herbs you like (for pork I like sage and cooked leeks, beef I vary with garlic and rosemary, just plain, thyme, chicken mince anything from Thai and Chinese flavours to curry flavours)

1. Mix all of the ingredients together until the water is absorbed and the herbs and/or spices are evenly distributed.

2. Cover and leave at least 20 minutes before shaping.

3. Shape into patties and cook on a medium- hot pan leaving for at least 2 minutes before flipping.

It sounds crazy to add water and bicarbonate but the bicarbonate breaks down tough proteins in the meat and helps retain moisture!

Love Emily x


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