Perfect boiled eggs (instant pot)

I don’t know what happens when you cook eggs in an electric pressure cooker (such as the instant pot) but it makes them ridiculously easy to peel! We have farm fresh eggs so there is no air between the shell and egg itself so when we usually boil our eggs and peel them we lose half the shell. I will never go back to making boiled eggs the same way!

In a similar way to my normal boiled egg post, different settings will mean different outcomes.

First, lay your rack in the bottom of the pressure cooker and pour 2 cups of water in, then place your eggs on the rack.

Making sure you have your sealing ring in the lid, place the lid on, switch the dial on top to sealing.

We are going to cook the eggs with the manual button.

Soft eggs: 3 minutes

medium- soft: (so there is still a little runny in the middle): 4 minutes

medium: 5-6 minutes

Hard: 7 minutes (7 minutes usually ensures the eggs aren’t powdery! if you like that texture try 8 or 9 minutes)

After the time allotted, you want to quick release then move the eggs with tongs or a spoon to icy cold water. ( i usually have a bowl next to my pressure cooker with water and a handful of ice in)

I love boiled eggs with my salad or as a snack as they are packed with protein, personally, I love my eggs cooked at 5 minutes so the yolks are only just set all the way through but have a soft spreadable centre (lovely on a pepper crisp bread)

(for more info on pressure cookers I will be doing a review of my pressure cooker and it won’t be categorised, I will be giving away vouchers when I hit 2000 followers to save you all a chunk of money on the instant pot AND I will also have some great alternatives for the instant pot. )

Love Emily x




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