heinz style tomato soup

I made this in the Intant pot for my nan who has a nasty cold as she doesnt always want a cup of tea when her throat is sore!

it sounds odd but really is lovely, not quite heinz but similar!

1 tin of baked beans, tomatoes, tinned carrots

small handful pickled onions

salt and pepper

pressure cooker/instant pot: 5 minutes at high pressure then blend. (i sometimes use the saute mode and fry off some onions and garlic with parsley and basil before adding the tins)

on the stove top: add everything to the pot and simmer for 10 minutes or until the beans are falling apart then blend until smooth.

I was really sceptical about trying this recipe but i honestly can’t fault it, not to mention it is so easy to double!

Love Emily x



2 thoughts on “heinz style tomato soup

  1. Hi Emily

    It’s great to hear that you have found this excellent, if not rather odd soup. I was introduced to this some two years ago, at my Slimming World class. It does sound vile, but get past it, and it really is good. I add a couple of tablespoons of the pickled onion juice to the mix. Try it and see. x

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