Instant pot duo-60 unboxing/first impression

So i have an instant pot! I messaged the company because i have had several people ask about the instant pot and for recipes etc! The link to the video is underneath!

Instant pot unboxing

I can honestly say that I was really sceptical as I’ve never used any kind of pressure cooker and I did do certain tests while I was preparing in the video, I twisted the lid when the instant pot was coming to pressure (which did not let me undo! – a pretty good safety feature I might add).

Yesterday was a bit of a rush as nan wasn’t well and we had our slimming world weigh in at 7.30 as well as having to do everyone’s dinners. my first test was for 1kg of potatoes. Usually, they take about 20-30 minutes because you are meant to use cold water for potatoes. The kg of potatoes took just 8 MINUTES! Not to mention i did a quick release AND all of the potatoes were different sizes but they were cooked perfectly! (link to the video underneath, i would like to mention that this is the first time i used the IP in this video!)

Instant pot first impressions 1kg of potatoes in 8 minutes

So far i am very impressed and I hope to share some IP recipes with you all soon. In the mean time just remember although the IP is expensive there are just as good alternatives, some start as little as £40, I only got the IP because people were asking specifically and they gave me a discount to make it £79. I will be completely honest with you about the instant pot because i don’t believe in sharing something I am not confident in, but so far I am impressed!

Love Emily x


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