Honey braised chicken

Nothing much I can say about this sticky and delicious recipe, it is utterly as simple as the recipe says, moreish and totally sumptuous.

Serves 2-4 people

1 tbsp honey (2.5 syns)*

4 tbsp soy sauce (if you have it 2 tbsp each of light and dark soy sauce)

2-star anise (or half tsp Chinese five spice)

300ml water

6 chicken thighs (in bite-size pieces)

Please double check your syns as some brands will change*

  1. Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and sear the chicken thighs until they are lightly browned.
  2. mix together the honey, soy and star anise and pour into the pan with the chicken and let reduce until thick.

This is best served with plain rice and some form of fresh green veggie (that I sometimes do garlicky which you can find if you search in the search bar as ‘garlicky greens’. This is what I’m making for a couple of the year food tasting night as I can just add a few cocktail sticks to the sticky glazed chicken.

Love Emily x


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