Perfect rice 

Having the most perfect fluffy Rice always seemed difficult because I didn’t realise how easy it could be. When you’ve mastered fluffy rice when it’s cooled you can make various salads and fried rice dishes

Basically not a recipe but here you go – 1 part basmati rice to 1.5 part water! 

My recipe I use a mug/cup that does 2 people generously just use that same 1 mug to measure 1.5 mugs of water. 

1. Add the basmati rice then water to a pan with a generous pinch of salt, cover and simmer over a low heat.

2. When most of the water is evaporated(10 minutes), use a fork to fluff up the rice, recover and turn off the heat.

3. Leave for a further 5 minutes, fluff up again with a fork and serve or set aside for whatever your plans are.

This is called the absorption method and it’s the only way personally I can make fluffy rice!

Love Emily x


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