Smoked salmon pasta

After Christmas we usually get left with a lot of food including packages of salmon and believe it or not it is usually fine after it’s use by date as obviously the smoking preserves the fish, just use your senses!

Serves 4 generously at 1 syn per portion!

300g spaghetti or pasta

4 tablespoons single elmlea cream (4 syns)

2 tbsp each finely chopped chives, parsley and dill.

Salt and pepper

200g green beans

1 mug green peas

200g smoked salmon

Rocket to serve

1. Fill a pot with water and bring to the boil.

2. Meanwhile mix the cream, herbs a generous pinch of salt and pepper and 100ml of water in a jug and pull apart the salmon into bite size pieces.

3. Boil the pasta(to packet instructions) and halfway through add the green beans, in the final 2 minutes add the peas then drain.

4. Add back to the pot with the smoked salmon and sauce stirring until the sauce coats the pasta.

5. Serve with a generous handful of rocket on top.

I hope you give this a try as it is luxurious.

Love Emily x


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