The singing swede

This may sound a little odd but if you are doing a Slimming World SP day, this singing swede is a great alternative to mash, Or it is a good way to get more speed in if you want to use half mash and half swede! This isn’t much of a recipe, and if you are wondering why it is called the singing swede, when the swede is cooked it makes a kind of singing sound like a whistle!

Take a whole swede, put it in a microwave proof bowl and microwave for 5 minutes.

Test the swede by poking with a knife, if the knife doesn’t go in easily, microwave for another 5 minutes until soft and singing.

Take the swede out of the microwave, carefully cut out the top and scoop out the swede mash. (at this point you can flavour with what you want)

I hope you guys give this a try, it works brilliantly as a potato alternative for shepherds/cottage pie or to have with stews or roast dinners.

Love Emily x


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