Basil,rocket and spinach pesto

This may not sound entirely appetising but the bite of pepperyness from the rocket, the smooth texture from the spinach and the fresh flavour of the basil all blend perfectly!

2 tbsp Parmesan(2syns)

1 tsp olive oil (2 syns)

Juice from half a lemon

1 large clove garlic

Generous pinch salt and pepper

One package of basil, large handful of baby spinach and rocket.

1. Blend all together in a processor till the pesto is to your liking.

It can be as thick and coarse or as thin as you want. To preserve the pesto for longer freeze in ice cube trays and get out an hour before you need it.

Love Emily x


2 thoughts on “Basil,rocket and spinach pesto

    1. Aww I got mine for 20 pounds on Amazon it came with the immersion blender attachment whisk etc and a 3 year warranty usually £60! I’ve found if you grate the Parmesan and the garlic and run your knife through the basil, rocket and spinach you get an almost pesto that I then mix through the pasta with some of the starchy water that way you can save on syns but have an almost pesto! Really hit the spot with this one! Thank you for the comments 🙈🙊 x


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