Christmas morning bread (not Sw)

This is not slimming world friendly but what I’m hoping to make Christmas morning! More like a scone but eats like a bread!

Zest half an orange

1/2 tsp mixed spice, cinnamon and ground ginger

Generous pinch salt

500g self raising flour

150g caster sugar

200g mixed fruit such as dried cranberries and raisins or sultanas

2 large eggs

300ml buttermilk or half milk half plain yogurt or even cream!

(Preheat your oven to 180oC)

1. Combine the flour, sugar and spices and whisk them together until combined.

2. Add in the dried fruit and distribute evenly.

3. Whisk together the eggs, buttermilk and orange zest and add them to the mix.

4. Combine the mix with your fingers just until combined then put onto a lined baking tray and bake for 30 minutes.

Great on its own with butter, toasted, with jam  there are many possibilities!

Have fun with your upcoming festivities!

Love Emily x


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