My Chinese Basics

One of my great food loves by far is recreating Chinese dishes at home so I thought I would share with you a small handful of Chinese basic ingredients and methods I always have on hand at home to whip up a quick meal from well. any kind of scrap you find in your fridge from vegetables to leftover meats.

Things I always have on hand: Garlic, 5 spice and ginger (fresh but kept in the freezer so I can grate it into any recipe),

Soy sauce, honey, sweet chilli sauce, brown sugar (this and the above are all flavour boosters)

Corn flour (to add to a marinade or sauce to make it velvety in the mouth),

baking powder (sounds odd but a small amount of baking powder into a meat marinade helps to tenderise the meat by breaking down the proteins)

sesame oil. (This is a must unless you are allergic! such a fragrant oil you need hardly any!)

I will be uploading some recipes that are my take on Chinese as its usually a family favourite. tonight we have ginger sweet chilli pork stir fry with garlicky greens(which you can find under; sides!)

Love Emily x


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