Seasonal produce: September

Now that the summer is coming to an end and the colder weather starts to kick in, there is nothing like produce that is at its best used in recipes.

Fruit: Apples, Apricots,Blueberries, Cherries, Damsons,Figs, Grapes, Greengages, Melons,Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, Raspberries and Strawberries.

Vegetables: Aubergine, Artichokes, Beetroot, Broad beans, Broccoli, Carrots, Chillies, Courgette, Cucumber, Fennel, French beans, Garlic, Leeks, Lettuce, Salad leaves, Mangetout,marrow, carrots, Onion, peas, Peppers, Tomatoes, Runner beans, Spring onions, Sweetcorn, Watercress and Wild mushrooms.

Herbs: (at their best) basil, chives, coriander, oregano, mint, parsley (curly), parsley (flat-leafed), rosemary, sage, sorrel, tarragon, thyme.

Meat: beef, grouse, hare, lamb, pheasant, rabbit,venison, wood pigeon.

Fish: cod, coley, Crab, dab, dover sole, grey mullet, haddock, halibut, herring, lemon sole,Mackerel, monkfish, pilchard, Plaice, pollack, prawns, red mullet, salmon, sardines, sea bass (wild), sea bream, shrimp, squid, whelks.

The best way to get really good quality produce for a good price is to go to your local market. Mine is on a tuesday and saturday!

Love Emily x



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