2 point beef bolognaise

I recently posted my recipe video up on YouTube and it really is easy to make, if you replaced the beef mince with chicken mince the whole recipe would be 0 points.

2 point per portion syn free on slimming world- serves 6

500g 5% beef mince,

2 cartons of passata with basil in,

1 onion, carrot and courgette and 2 sticks of celery (finely chop or pulse in food processor with the garlic until small) ,

1 large Clove of garlic,

2 tsp oregano,

Salt and pepper,

1. Fry the beef mince until it starts to brown.

2. Add the vegetables, a good pinch of salt and pepper and stir fry until the veggies soften.

3. Add the oregano, garlic and passata and 1 carton of water.

4. Stir and simmer for 15-20 minutes or until it thickens.

This is just about the most simple yet delicious.

Love Emily, chef who slims x.


Cajun chicken sizzler pizza

Inspired by a pizza we make in the student union bar where I work when I’m at uni I had a couple of flatbread that needed using as they were going stale and this was the best option.

Please bare in mind that points may vary so I will put an asterisk* by all pointed items so that you can work it out based on your products.

Serves one – (mine came to 7 points as I used cheddar but how I usually make it is this rough recipe)

1 flatbread* (3 points)

30g reduced fat mozzerella* (grated – try and squeeze out any liquid to get more cheese – 2 points)

1 tbsp finely chopped red pepper,

1 tbsp finely chopped onion,

1 tbsp finely chopped chicken,

1 tsp cajun spice,

1 tsp tomato puree,

3 tsp water,

Salt, pepper and good pinch of oregano and garlic granules.

1. Mx the cajun spice blend with 1 tbsp of water and mix in the onion, peppers and chicken (set this aside for now).

2. Mix the tomato puree, remaining water, garlic granules, oregano, salt and pepper together.

3. Lay your flatbread on a baking tray and spread over the tomato puree mix.

4. Sprinkle over the cheese evenly.

5. Sprinkle over the cajun chicken mix.

6. Put under the grill until the cheese has melted.

It’s really quick but very comforting and filling. I usually have a side salad or follow it with some fruit. If you like saucy pizzas try drizzling over some low point ranch and adding a few jalapeños on top for good measure!

Love, Emily, chef who slims x.

Chicken taco soup

This is just the best, filling, aromatic, hearty soup and sits well in the fridge for up to 4 days, you can make a larger batch to snack on and for 0 points what is there to lose.. (other than weight)

Serves 4

3 spring onions,

1/2 red, green and yellow peppers,

1 medium courgette,

1 large carrot (all vegetables roughly chopped),

2 cloves garlic (grated) ,

1 chilli (pierced),

1 Bay leaf,

3 tbsp finely chopped coriander,

1 tsp each of cumin, smoked paprika, oregano,

Salt and pepper,

1 small tin kidney beans,

1 small tin of Sweetcorn,

1 carton of passata,

Juice of half a lime,

1 large chicken breast (shredded),

Optional: 80g dry basmati rice (makes 2 points per serving)

1.fry off the veggies with a pinch of salt and pepper.

2. When they start to soften add the herbs and spices and chilli and a splash of water.

3. When you can smell the spices add the passata and top up with water.

4. Simmer until the veggies are soft then add the Sweetcorn, beans and chicken (if using rice add here).

5. Simmer for 15 minutes then stir in the lime juice before serving.

This is great with or without the rice and is even better after being in the fridge over night. This is syn free on slimming world and 0 points on ww when not using the rice. With the rice the soup is 2 point per serving.

The video is up on my channel chef who slims on YouTube (www.youtube.com/channel/UC4urumkHVMaRmnB7aVAOcA)

Love Emily, Chef who slims x

Garlic butter summer vegetables

We have an abundance of courgettes in the summer months thanks to mums allotment and sometimes we don’t know what t to do with them.

This is something a little different to your summer salads but is just as good in the winter and goes great with roast dinners, grilled fish, chicken and turkey.

Serves 6 (as a side) Syns = 4 (half per serving) ww points = 4 (1 point per serving)

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp olive oil

3 medium courgettes, washed and roughly chopped,

5 carrots peeled and roughly chopped,

1 mug of peas,

1 clove of garlic,

1/2 tsp dry thyme,

Salt and pepper.

1. Microwave the carrots in a heatproof jug filled with water for 8 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, add the butter, olive oil, garlic and thyme to a pan over medium heat.

3. Add your courgette and coat them in the garlic butter.

4. Leave them to sit for 2 minutes before flipping.

5. Add your carrots, peas a pinch of salt and pepper.

6. Cook until the peas are tender and serve.

You can jazz these up with a little chilli powder or paprika or even remove the thyme and use sesame oil in place of olive oil and add a dash of soy sauce to go with your fake away!

Let me know what you think love, Emily, Chef who slims x.

Summer minestrone

This delicious, easy, light soup is only 2 points per serving or syn free on slimming world! (if you are a vegetarian look at the bottom note at the end of the recipe)

4 servings (worked out on the weight watchers app at 2 points per serving)

2 smoked bacon medallions chopped as small as you can,

1 medium courgette, 1 large carrot, 1 large onion and 2 stalks of celery roughly chopped,

1/2 small cabbage shredded,

150g peas (fresh or frozen),

1 small bag green beans (topped and tailed),

60g dry pasta,

1 tbsp tomato puree

1 spring of rosemary (or half tp dry),

1 tbsp dry oregano,

1 clove garlic,

1 bay leaf,

3 tbsp shredded basil,

Salt and pepper.

1. Fry the bacon, onion, celery, carrot, courgette and cabbage in a saucepan in low calorie spray until they start to soften.

2. Add the herbs, garlic, tomato puree and a generous pinch of salt and pepper and stir to coat the veg in the herbs.

3. When you can smell the tomato puree add 1 litre of water and stir to dissolve the tomato puree into the water. (you may need more water later)

4. Summer and when the cabbage is tender add the pasta and green beans and cook until pasta is tender.

5. Stir in the basil and peas, remove the Bay leaf and serve.

This is great topped with a little parmesan and is really hearty and filling. If you are a vegetarian feel free to leave out the bacon but substitute with a drained can of cannelini beans and a pinch of smoked paprika. Add more water to the recipes when needed.

Thanks for sticking with me, love Emily, Chef who slims. X

0 point pancakes

These are also classed as syn free on slimming world, these fluffy American style pancakes will cost you no points according to my WW app!

Serves 1-2 (can be refrigerated for up to 3 days)

2 eggs

2 heaped tbsp thick fat free yogurt (like fage Greek total 0%)

Dash of vanilla extract

Zest of half a lemon

1 tbsp of baking powder

1. Whisk together all of the ingredients in a jug.

2. Heat a non stick frying pan over a medium heat and pour in a little of the pancake mixture.

3. Place a lid over the pan and leave for 30 seconds before removing the lid and flipping.

4. Cook for a further 30 seconds then move to a plate before repeating with the rest of the mixture.

Great with my 0 point summer Berry compote.

Love Emily, chef who slims x

Summer fruit compote

This is 0 point and great for breakfast over my 0 point pancakes or with yogurt or over low point ice cream. This is great in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Zest and juice of half a lemon

1 tbsp sweetener

250g sliced strawberries

250g raspberries

125g blueberries

1. Lightly mash the raspberries and add the sweetener, lemon zest and lemon juice.

2. Coat the strawberries and blueberries and cover with clingfilm and leave for at least 10 minutes before serving.

Great over my 0 point pancakes, go check them out!

Love Emily, chef who slims. X

What is weight watchers? My first day

There is one weight watchers plan with over 200 0 point foods.

But what are points? Weight watchers points are allocated to different foods to help you to make better choices and to help with portion sizes for the more unhealthy foods. For example things like lettuce have 0 points but pasta has 1 point per 10g dry.

So if you wanted a filling meal you would primarily use 0 pointed foods and use points for potatoes or pasta to help bulk it out.

The app ( so far with what I’ve found) is a lot easier to use than the sw app. I can scan food, track what I have eaten, track my exercise which I can earn points back on!

So how is my first day going? I will be uploading a video to my YouTube channel chef who slims. But I learned the hard way to scan everything before you buy!

If you are doubting yourself help is always there with an easy access easy to use app as well as books.

Here’s to hopefully a fully successful day on track.

Love, Emily, chef who slims. X

What’s next for chef who slims blog?

As you can tell things have been a little sparse here at chef who slims. That’s because I have been trying to work out where this blog is going.

As a full time student with a job it is pretty difficult to manage time as most of my spare time is spent cooking or eating.

I’m here to be completely honest with you. Slimming World just hasn’t been working for me for a long while and I have been thinking about this decision in depth.

I’m swapping to weight watchers! Why? Because I feel it will teach me more about portion control which was my main problem with slimming World. I can still enjoy my favourite fruits, veggies, fish and lean chicken for 0 points but I will have more freedom.

So what does this mean for chef who slims? Nothing! I will still upload recipes BUT, I will be adding points values to my recipes as well as syn estimates (as syns may change so I will put a star by synned items).

I can’t thank you all enough for sticking with me for so long but here is to the future onwards and downwards!

If you want to follow my journey go to my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/greedymecook or my slimming World and weight watchers support group at slimming World and weight watchers support UK.

Thanks for your patience, Love Emily, the chef who slims x

SP friendly baked beans

So, slimming World took beans off of the P list at the beginning of the year and sometimes you just want some kind of comforting baked beans.

Not only do these homemade baked beans only take 10 -15 minutes to make, if you make a larger batch they will last in the fridge for up to 3 days and this recipe only uses a handful of ingredients!

1 tin of beans (any of your choice that are on the protein list)

2 medium tomatoes (sliced in half and grate the flesh)

1 small onion (finely diced)

pinch of garlic granules and chilli flakes and 1 tsp of paprika (the use the unsmoked kind but if you want a BBQ baked beans try smoked paprika instead)

dash of Worcestershire sauce to taste

salt and pepper to taste

1. Fry the onion in low calorie spray until soft.

2. add your tomatoes and seasonings and immer until the tomatoes have evaporated most of the water.

3. Add your beans and cook until heated through (3-4 minutes) then season to taste with salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce.

They are really delicious and hit the spot when you want some comforting beans on an SP day an the best thing is you can adapt it to how you want.

Love Emily, Chef who slims. xxx